Television Repair (repair service on hold)

TV's have moved on a lot over the past few years.

TV's are becoming more like big screen tablets, you can search the internet, check facebook, stream movies etc. They are basically mini computers with a big display.

With that in mind, we are able to offer many different types of TV repairs in Lincoln. Take a look below at some of the repairs we offer.

Common Television Repairs

Broken screen?

Unfortunately, if your TV screen panel is broken, it is not possible for us to replace it for less than the cost of a whole replacement TV.
This is because most of the value of the TV is in the screen panel.

Broken socket or connection?

Our high quality equipment and skills, give us the ability to offer socket replacements at very competitive prices.
Even other repair companies use our component level services.

Not turning on, random turning off or flashing standby light?

All these issues are quite common and their cause does vary. Drop in the TV and we can perform a free diagnosis.

Randomly changing channels?

When your TV decides it has a mind of its own, drop it in to us and we can fix this common issue.

Signal issues?

Poor colour, lots of straight lines or distortion on your screen is a common fault that can be fixed on many TV's.

Free checks

If your not sure what is wrong, theres no harm in checking the cost of repair with our free check.
We will diagnose the problem and give you an exact price so that you can decide if its worth repairing.

Featured services

Broken Laptop Screen?

We can repair your laptop for an affordable price, even if the whole screen is smashed. Give us a call today for a free quote and find out just how affordable it will be.

Nasty popups or viruses?

If your machine is showing popups or running slow you will most likely have viruses. We can check for free to see and only charge to remove them.