Repair appointments available. Repairs can also be collected and delivered to your homes or offices where necessary. Please call 01522 262554 to arrange a repair or contact through the website chat or email
We make repairing your machine simple.
From the 1st phone call to the point you collect your repaired machine, we keep it simple, straight forward & affordable.
Call: 01522 262554
Apple Mac repairs at an affordable price
We offer many repairs for iMac, Macbook and more.
Call: 01522 262554
Playstation & XBOX console repair
From HDMI issues to not reading discs. If you need a console repair in Lincoln or Lincolnshire, we can help at an affordable price.
Call: 01522 262554
Nasty Popups?
We can clean your infected laptop or desktop computer with our virus removal service.
Call: 01522 262554
Water Damaged Laptop?
Book your machine in today for our free diagnosis. We have fixed many liquid damaged laptops. If we can't fix it, we wont charge.
Call: 01522 262554
Repairs right down to component level
Our equipment and skills allow us to perform repairs down to component level at affordable prices.
Call: 01522 262554

Our Standard Service

Our standard 30 point Health service includes our free Health Check.

Then removal of all Viruses, Malware, Spyware, and any other dangerous software. We then speed up your machine and install any missing drivers. Run intensive hardware tests: including temperature checking, ram tests, Hard Drive tests and lots more. A 30 day trial of Kaspersky Internet Security is then installed. After all that, we give the machine an external clean.

Call: 01522 262554

Mid Level Service

Our Mid Level Service includes a 1 year licence of Kaspersky.

Next, there's our Mid Level Service. Which includes all the features of our standard Heath service, but with the added bonus of a 1 year licence of Kaspersky Internet Security. All installed for you and ready to go. Keeping all those nasty viruses out for a whole year.

Call: 01522 262554

Top Level Service

Our Top Level Service includes a full strip down.

Our top level service includes all previous level features, plus a full strip down and thorough clean out of internal dust, (including spiders) from fans, vents and heatsinks. Keeping your machine running cool and quiet.

Call: 01522 262554

Free Check

We offer our health check for FREE. We will diagnose the fault for you without any charge.


Fast Track

In a hurry? We offer a paid for check which jumps you to the front of the queue VIP style.


What makes us different?

Computer Clinik was formed, to give people an honest and trustworthy place, to repair their faulty Laptop and Desktop Computers, as well as Games Consoles and Apple Mac’s.

The idea was, that people could CHECK and get a quote, on how much a repair would cost BEFORE being bound to have the work done. This would encourage people to REPAIR rather than replace their machines.
We promote a REPAIR NOT REPLACE ethos and try to be an ECO FRIENDLY company.

We have stopped using A4 paper for invoices.
We started using custom booking and tracking software to print out everything on razor thin, 80mm till rolls.
This saves an average of half a ton of paper per year. That’s the amount of carbon an average tree will consume in 50 years.

By choosing Computer Clinik to repair your machine, you are spending your money with a local, eco friendly company and helping to support local jobs.

  • Paper saving Booking & Tracking software
  • Encouraging people to repair not replace
  • Trees planted for every computer sold
  • Eco Friendly Company
  • Supporting Local Jobs
  • FREE Health Check
  • FREE Diagnosis
  • We will not charge if we do not repair
  • Up to 1 year warranty on repairs
  • Pay on collection


Computer Clink offered the best service I could have ever wanted. I am the Director of an international event supplies business and when one of our Macs went down and stopped running Computer Clinik had us back up and running in no time. There is no IT specialists like this in Lincolnshire. I would recommend them to anyone who has a problem with their Mac or PC. Great Service, Fast Turnaround, Great Value.

Chris Dolan, Director
Swift Medals Ltd

We took our laptop in for repair while we were visiting lovely Lincoln. We collected our laptop the same day, they even charged us less than the initial quote as the repair was apparently not as bad as they thought. Very happy :-)

Alice Daynes, Peterborough